Roofing a building is as important as creating its foundation. Defining key
factors such as aesthetics, external visual appeal, protection from varied
weather conditions, longevity, safety, acoustics, livable quality of life in a
building, roofing in short, completes the picture. Such roofing is not just
about the tiles or materials or the components used, it is also about what
constitutes a perfect roofing system.

Onduvilla Roofing




Beauty Above All

When you use ONDUVILLA, you’ve got a great story to tell. It’s a truly unique roofing solution and a complete system, offering customers reliability, brilliant aesthetics, thermal and acoustical comfort, and a wide choice of colors and looks. And all that at a reasonable price from a brand you can trust. That’s what great value is all about!

  • Water Proofing.
  • Reduces Heat
  • Reduces Rain Noise
  • High Wind Resistance
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Light Weight

Onduline Worldwide

The Onduline® story began in 1950 when the brand was created in France. That’s when we first introduced our cellulose bitumen – based roofing and under-roofing material. Today, we’re delivering high-performance products and award-winning solutions to more than 100 countries across the globe – with a keen focus on design, reliability and user friendliness. Thanks to our unique global presence, we’re close to our customers and are able to listen to their needs, allowing us to develop reliable solutions, which help them enjoy any kind of weather!




When you choose Onduvilla, you “convert your dreams to reality”. Onduvilla provides excellent possibilities of aesthetic designs to your roofs. With a wide range of colours and shaded patterns, our tiles help in generating a traditional clay tile look for your roof.


Ideas have no limitation when it comes to using Onduvilla to generate additional living spaces. A variety of applications like balcony and terrace coverings are  possible by designing light weight frames to support the tiles. Onduvilla tiles ensure that you are happy and comfortable under the new living space.


Onduvilla tiles provide a traditional look for institutions while combining some key technical benefits. The light weight nature of the product brings about significant structural cost savings. The sound dampening nature of the product ensures that classes can go un-interrupted in educational institutions during rains. The excellent wind resistance capability of Onduvilla tiles also adds to the safety benefits for the building.


Onduvilla tiles with a wide range of colours and shaded patterns blend excellently with the natural surroundings. These tiles are manufactured under the most stringent conditions and contain no hazardous pigments or traces of asbestos. The use of Onduvilla tiles can greatly help in securing the requisite Green Ratings for your resorts.

Renovation and Repair

Onduvilla tiles offer excellent possibilities for restoration of old heritage structures due to their low weight. Onduvilla tiles deliver significant beauty to concrete decks when compared to traditional clay/concrete tiles. Furthermore, you are assured of water proofing capabilities, thereby eliminating the need for conventional water proofing.

Thanks to the lightweight and flexible nature of Onduvilla, renovation work can be carried out in a rapid manner. Onduvilla tiles need very minimal maintenance and their outstanding wind resistance and water proofing capabilities ensure complete peace of mind.