Onduvilla tile strips are an eco- friendly roof tile as made from recycled materials and form a desirable, durable and lightweight roof covering that can be laid on a roof decking or close boarding available in Red, Brown, Green or Slate with arrange of accessories and are the ideal DIY roofing material for a wide variety of applications.

In case that the details in our technical catalogues are closely followed and if it is used together with the accessories manufactured by our company , ONDUVILLA® does not require any maintenance for many years.

ONDUVILLA® sheets may be applied both in the most cold and most hot and humid climates easily. No problems have been encountered in applications made in areas where the temperature was +50° under shadow and in regions where the cold was almost -50°.

Our factories and big markets in Brazil, Malaysia and Russia are indicators that ONDUVILLA® is applied widely both in very hot and cold climates.

ONDUVILLA® is affected slightly by UV. However, due to the coloring process, this change is not felt and it preserves its color for many years.

On ONDUVILLA® applied roofs, one can walk by stepping on the straight parts on ONDUVILLA®.

Measurements show a thermal conductivity of 0,098 W/m.C°. This value is close to cork. by comparison, stainless steel value is 52 W/m.C°,525 times higher. ONDUVILLA® insulates from heat and cold, within these values.

Our company gives written waterproofness guarantee for ONDUVILLA® sheets . Different accessory usage makes the guarantee invalid. ONDULINE® gives guarantee only for the product. The responsibility with regards to application belongs to the company which performs the application.

ONDUVILLA® is a flexible material. It can be bent 90o along its conduits. It can be used perpendicularly to its conduits on vaulted roofs with a radius of 5.00 m.

It definitely does not corrupt and is not affected of any chemical material by which bitumen is not affected as well.

ONDUVILLA® is a roofing material and there is no need to place any water insulation material under it.

ONDUVILLA® has been developed to be carried and applied easily thanks to its small size.

Each sheet of ONDUVILLA® weighs 1,27 kg. By taking into consideration overlaps, it applies a weight of 4 kg on each 1 m2 on the roof.

Due to the fact that ONDUVILLA® is fixed by specially developed Plastic Head Mono Block Nails by hammering them at the top of the corrugations, excellent water insulation is obtained.
The Mono Block Nail heads are not affected by the climatic conditions and UV rays. Original mono block nails should always be preferred during application.

ONDUVILLA® is affected slightly by UV. However, due to the coloring process, this change is not felt and it preserves its color for many years.


Onduline is an extremely tough, lightweight, corrugated roofing and wallcladding material manufactured utilising a base board produced from recycled cellulose fibres which is saturated with bitumen under intense pressure and heat.

Onduline sheets are finished with a colour pigment and resin impregnation process which “stains” the colour into the sheet to provide excellent colour retention properties and enhanced U.V. resistance.

One of the ONDULINE® components is cellulose fiber. Cellulose fiber can be extracted from various sources, including wood pulp or recycled paper. Besides cellulose fiber, ONDULINE® also consists of bitumen, resin, mineral additives. Cellulose fiber itself is a very strong material (also used in cement and concrete to improve resistance). Bitumen makes fiber water-resistant, pigments provide the coloration, resin and other additives improve weather resistance.

In European Standards, its classification is E, which is “normal to ignite”. It is allowed for use on different types of buildings. But the cases when a source of fire is located on the roof are very rare. And if a house is on fire, it means that almost every type of roof cladding burns and melts.

Measurements show a thermal conductivity of 0,098 W/m.C°. This value is close to cork. by comparison, stainless steel value is 52 W/m.C°,525 times higher. ONDULINE® insulates from heat and cold, within these values.

Tests carried out at the Sound Research Laboratories LTD (UK) show the good sound absorption of ONDULINE® sheetswith a value of Rw= 28 dB.The noise of rain is absorbed much better on ONDULINE® than on steel sheets.

Durability depends on external conditions like weather and climate. ONDULINE® roofs are guaranteed waterproof for a 10-year period. However, some ONDULINE® roofs have been installed for more than 50 years in Europe, and 30 years in tropical countries.

Because it is made of cellulose-bitumen saturated sheets, ONDULINE® resists corrosion and most chemical products. (Laboratory tests carried out at CSTB – France)

Laboratory tests in USA and Germany and the long ONDULINE® experience in Siberia (Russia) under the very low termperatures perfectly show that ONDULINE® is absolutely frost-proof with no mechanical damage.

In a tropical endurance test, ONDULINE® proved suitable in severe humidity and temperatures up to 70 °C (Yarsley Test Centre – UK)

Yes, it is necessary. the roofing material installation can then be weather-proof for a very long period of time. Furthermore, it will also withstand extreme weather conditions, e.g. storms. The 1998 summer hurricane in Moscow tore off ONDULINE® sheets fastened with 4-6 nails. Sheets fastened with 22 nails have remained undamaged.

Since one of the components is bitumen, ONDULINE® sheets have a tendency of becoming soft in mid-day hot sun. Therefore we recommend making installations in the morning for hot countries. We would recommend installing ONDULINE® roofs below temperatures of 35°/40°C (depending on the sun exposure)

Like everything else under the sunshine, ONDULINE® color will gradually becomes paler. this is due to UV action. ONDULINE® fades gradually and evenly, while the metal sheets have a tendency to lose color sporadically.

ONDULINE® provides ridge pieces which are manufactured from the same material and to the same high specifications as ONDULINE® sheets. Flexible double wing accommodates a wide range of roof angles. Ridges are available in the same colors and finish than the sheets.

Like any other roof, ONDULINE® is not made to be walked on. So you must follow the usual safety procedures when going on an ONDULINE® roof.